Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rainy Memories

Hearing the rain pour down in torrents made a spark go off in my head. It made me wonder why I hadn't noticed the rain so much last year. For some reason I seem to be more fascinated with the steady amount that is pouring out of the sky this year.

As I was just doing a drawing and listening to the pouring rain in the background I realized why I wasn't as fascinated as I am now with the rain last year. It was because I was working at the hagwon till 7:45 and was so exhausted I hadn't the notion to notice mother nature's fury.

I guess this all led me to wonder how I survived at the hagwon. This was during my first months here in Korea and I was experiencing so much. Mostly feeling tired and stressed out from the job. I recall constantly not knowing what to do or whether what I was doing was keeping my bosses happy.

It is one whole year since then and the rain reminds me of how far I have come. Although life can never really reach perfection this insight shows me that you can at least make progress.

Of course, though, I know these rains will bring the mosquitoes.


  1. There's always something that reminds us of how far we've come. For me it's some of the places I've gone back to a second time. I'll think to the first time I went here and think about what's changed since then....

    Now, if the )$%($| rain could stop my shoes wouldn't be so ($)@#*^%! soaked...

  2. Last year, the rain came at night. Sure, we had a few showers but for the most part the days were dry. This time last year I was working until 9pm and the on the night shift with my daughter who was a newborn then. The wife slept 10-4, and I slept 4-10. Anyway... last year most of the rain came around 1 or 2am and went all night. This year it is the opposite, and much more like 2007.

    Last year was also a 'dry' year, and many parts of the country experienced drought as a result. Ever concerned with their image as a developed nation, the English Language press didn't report anywhere near as much as the Korean media did.

    Korea Herald.

    Korea Times


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