Monday, July 6, 2009

Trivia Time from Chris Round 3

Here we go again....let's see if I know anything.

31. McDonalds, Burger King, and Dunkin Donuts are just a few well-known American food places with many locations across Korea. Name three well-known food franchises from America that you cannot find in Korea (without a military base pass, at least!).

In and Out Burger, Checkers (Florida), Jambu's a franchise and owned by Starbucks...the smoothies come fast...fastfood.

32. What is the approximate percentage of alcohol in soju?
Enough to rip the guy out of me.

33. One of the tallest buildings in Korea, known as '63' ('yuk-sam') was once the tallest building in Asia. Until it became known as '63', what was the three-letter name of the building?

34. Cell phone stores are everywhere, but only three cell phone companies provide service to those thousands of phones. Name the three cell phone companies.
SK, uh uh ah darn

35. Where is Wolmi-do?

Some Island...

36. Dokdo is ours! Or so Korea says. The only way to get to Dokdo from Korea's mainland is by a ferry from what island?
Womi-do only taking a guess.

37. The 2008 beef protests started shortly after a report from a Korean TV show? What was that show called?

>< ?
38. If you're here teaching English at a hagwon or in the public school system, you're probably on an E-2 visa. Which visa would you need if you wanted to be a college professor? Professor..hrmmm

39. You're taking a taxi to meet your friends, and you ask the driver to drop you off at the 공원 입구 (gongwon ibgu). What or where is that?
Oh for Pete's sake!

40. How many baseball teams are there in the Korean Baseball League?
And to think I actually watch them...uh uh maybe about 6 teams

41. There are several dynasties and kingdoms mentioned in Korea's history. Name two dynasties or kingdoms.
Silla, Paekjae

42. In 2000, the Korean language was revised to make Romanization easier despite some protests from the Korean people (surprised?). What did they change? Bonus points: Named after two of the linguists that helped create it, what was the previously used system called?

Wow... I think you need to get some rest Chris...try to wing it like the rest of us.

43. Approximately how large is a 평 (pyeong)?
I'll Show you mine if you show me yours.

44. Who or what is 막걸리 (makgeolli)?

45. One of Korea's most famous leaders, who is on the front of the manwon (10,000 won) bill?
King Sejong

(Banging head against the wall)... ask me anything about what school children like and I am all on it!


  1. @Joy: Aww, I couldn't ask you anything about what school children like because I'm positive you'd do great on that one... Anyway, this is the last round for awhile - it's been interesting, but I'll be getting back to my usual traveling and social commentary before long. Thanks for playing :)

  2. Hello ,check this blog out .
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  3. #36 is Ulleungdo. I only know because some friends visited there last year for Cheusak and took the little trip past Dokdo. Nothing to see. Big surprise.


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