Friday, July 10, 2009

Speed Dating Beijing

Awesomeness! The wheels in my mind were spinning about dating Koreans. ^^


  1. Great video! I really enjoyed it and wish someone was clever enough to do something similar in Korea.

    I have some friends going to China soon, I'm going to show this to them.


  2. Until that video I had never even considered the idea of the "partial circumcision."

    Now I need brain-bleach. ;-)

  3. i love those videos!! lol! i think my flight is with Korean Air (KE?) i'll be arriving in Incheon. I'm planning to bring 2 carryons and a purse and pillow... lol 1 will be square to put up top and one small for entertainment and to go under my legs and then my pillow and purse of course... lol my purse will probably go in my 2nd carryon... lol but it'll help with packing stuff! lol! :)

    hope you're doing well!!

  4. ooh i'm mistaken... i'm taking 1 carry-on not two... i dont think that's allowed is it? lol!

  5. Didn't watch vid yet, cause it kept stalling...too annoying today for me!

    Re: baggage/carry-ons

    usually it is....2 carryons in a computer bag & BIG tote bag/purse in which everything else including a small purse is stashed!

    Or 1 of the above along w/a suitcase that meets the airlines overhead bin dimensions!
    Just returned from Europe adventure!!!

    Safe travel

  6. That was hilarious!!!!!!!!!

    OMG now I just have to find a girlfriend to do the video with me HAHAHAHAHA


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