Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Friend's Direct Experience with this Swine Flu Mania

My pal Kristen works at one of the hagwons currently under the fire from the swine flu mania. I am not going to name which one she works at, but I will say it is one of the bigger establishments.

I met her last Monday just as her school was being shut down and she was told to stay at home or nearby for 7 days.

Well I am not going to reword her experience, for I think it is best you go take a glimpse of it over at her blog. You can really get the sense of how it feels to be the "other" here.

Goodluck Kristen!

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  1. It is definitely making me work harder to get grad apps in and study for my GRE, so maybe in that way this whole situation is a blessing in disguise. I just try to hold on to the kindness I have recieved from people here and hope that this will all blow over soon with as few consequences as possible...


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