Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to Obtain a Rice Cooker

It states in my contract that the school will provide me with the necessary "appliances" to live my life here. Including a bed, stove, air conditioner and etc. So last month I inquired about a rice cooker and fan.

The teacher before me left some stuff that has been in storage here at my school. So my coteacher and I went to the storage room and looked around. There was a bed, refrigerator, a fan, an old rice cooker and some boxes. So I took the fan and rice cooker.

The fan works wonderful (after I cleaned off the dust). But the rice cooker is a piece of sh**. It was really dirty and I cleaned it up. It is missing that little water collecting thing on the side. Also there is a collection of rice particles at the bottom that I can't seem to get out. When you shake the thing it sounds like a rattle.

At school I told my coteacher that the rice cooker doesn't work. I made up a story that when I turned it on to use it that it made smoke.

She said to bring it back here and we will see what we can do.

So last week I brought it back, but we were too busy to do much about it.

This week I reminded her and finally got an answer. The school will pay for one. The condition is that it belongs to the school when I leave. Fine by me!

But do I buy it and get reimbursed?

Turns out I need to go to Emart and look at the models and make a choice there. Then I write down the model number and give it to the school who will probably go online and find a cheap version of it.

I am hoping that by next week I will finally have a rice cooker that I can use to stop myself from eating out for dinner.

*Finally, after giving up I finally got a new monitor at work. Although it is still attached to the POS of a computer. My coteacher got it from her brother. How nice of her. ^^

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