Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free Korean Class

Work has been going well lately. I have gotten use to the new coteacher and we are getting along well.

A few weeks ago she brought to my attention extra work that I had the option of taking part in. I opted out of all the actual extra teaching stuff, because at this point I am not ready to take that on. But at the end of the list was a "Delight Your Hangeul" course.

About every Wednesday the Gunpo city is putting on a Korean class for native teachers. Today was the first meeting.

Like any meeting that happens to be organized by Koreans you usually go through a lot of confusion sorting at the beginning. "What time is this?" "Wait I thought..."

But the class looks somewhat promising. It is meant to teach us office Korean so that we can communicate with the people at our school. Also it will be geared more towards speech than grammar and writing.

I am a bit skeptical since the one's teaching are kind of normal non-trained teachers who have been given the job. *(But AS AMANADA SUGGESTED they are just like us English teachers who come here with no experience and little training.)

But heck a free Korean class is better than none.

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