Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roh's Local Memorial

I have mentioned how some people set up a make-shift memorial for ex-president Roh in my area. Well since then it has grown to quite an establishment. It is located in the center of my town so you really can't miss it on your way to places like Emart.

There is usually a line where people wait to give their respects. A part of me wishes I could feel what they feel and mourn with them. But I can't help but feel disconnected. However I do feel sorry for the way he died and hope Koreans can handle this as part of their history.


  1. Interesting. Most of the Memorials I've seen haven't had much of an impact of me, either, but I found the one I saw yesterday at Anyang Station very moving. It was maybe the combination of solemnity and simplicity that I found so touching.

  2. The memorial I feel does have an impact on me. But as for the event having an impact on me personally like it has for Koreans... it isn't the same.


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