Sunday, May 10, 2009

Anyang Oasis

Somewhere amongst the tall apartment buildings and crowded streets is an oasis set in the foothills of Anyang.

I heard about an Art Park out there and so yesterday I checked it out. After arriving by taxi from Anyang station I was completely surprised. I thought it was going to be another open green space with some sculptures in it, but this was totally not what I had in mind. Instead the Art Park was one long corridor of restaurants and shops on one side with a creek or river (not sure) on the other side.

Since I was discombobulated I didn't really know where they hid the sculptures but I enjoyed the scenery anyways. Here I found some little house nestled in the grass.

Kids were seen playing in the water. It reminded me of the Yuba River back at my Dad's home and how I can't wait for my summer vacation when I get to go back there.
There was this large water pipe sculpture that spouted out water at various points, which made different kinds of splashes. It was fun to watch as it rotated through the spouts.

There were some gallery spaces too. This area felt so down-to-earth and artsy that I was a bit shocked to find such a place here in Korea. I became really grateful to have such a place to go to that is near my area.

A stage where Korean traditional singers were rehearsing.

There was this fake waterfall set up near the stage.

I finally found where the sculptures were hidden, which was up a path into the foothills. I didn't go deep in but came upon a few that were interesting

This one was a set of mirrors that was very mesmerizing.

Some steal was funny because some Ahjummas used it for a picnic.

Here I am at the creek near that water sculpture.

I spent some of my time there sketching the scenery and relaxing. It felt so good to find this place. I hope to go back again and again.


  1. I thought I ran across your blog a while ago, when searching for blogs of expats in Korea. However, I could've sworn there was a picture of you with longer hair and a cute Korean boyfriend on the side and both things are gone. Am I losing my mind or is this the same blog and you changed the pic (or the boyfriend)?

    Great pics, by the way.

  2. It's the same blog!!! I changed the format after my breakup with that "Cute" guy. hehe still the same old Joy


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