Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tomatillo Craze

Children's day, the day to celebrate children here in Korea fell on Cinco de Mayo. The buzz on facebook was that Tomatillo Grill was having a festival for this special day. I am guessing because the advert was on facebook is why so many people showed up for 2,000 Won tacos, Mexican beer and margaritas.

I went because it promised live music and well you got to love your Mexi food here in Asia.

Arriving you immediately see a long line out the door. My thoughts were that there was going to be this taco stand outside near the live music, but it wasn't that way. Ah well~
As I waited in line I saw the person in front of me and realized it was the guy from the Seoul Patch. But I wasn't too sure so I hesitated for a while and then finally tapped him on the shoulder. Indeed it was and we had a delightful conversation while we waited for an hour in line. Meeting him for the first time after reading his blog for a long while now was really thrilling. :)

After finally getting some tacos we went outside to eat. People were enjoying the live music and sunshine. As I finished my tacos I looked over near the music area and who did I see??? Why Roboseyo came out to the event with his friend Evan.
Evan is the guy in this next picture talking to the two ladies sitting on the bench. He was "planting seeds" as he called cute haha.
Rob, Evan and I chatted for a while until more bloggers showed up. First we came upon infamous Joe from Zenkimchi and the Seoulpodcast. Then we meandered are way to a different shady spot and met up with Stafford from the Chosun Bimbo. Before you knew it we met with PheonixStorm from Kiss My Kimchi, which I had met for the first time. Even Jennifer showed up and boasted about her new house. Another Jennifer showed up too and it was like the clashing of the universe...inside joke stuff.
I had a good time and felt like I spent the day off in a good way. It was a little bit helpful having a positive experience in Seoul, which made me not so paranoid about my memories with BK there. Yea it has been nearly 3 weeks now and sometimes it still feels like yesterday. Trying my best to put my feet forward.

All in all though I thought it was a real pleasure to meet all these wish I met more female ones...hehe. Anyways thanks Tomatillo's for the event!


  1. It was very cool meeting you! The Steve guy that was in charge mentioned a July 4th thing, so that's a good possibility for a repeat ...

  2. I really wish I could have been there!

    Next time I'm in Seoul, would you like to meet up?

  3. You wouldn't happen to have a couch and spare blanket, would you? I'm hoping to avoid paying for a hotel for the entire time I'm in Seoul and so I'm looking for someone to stay with for 2 nights or so to cut down on costs.

  4. Hi,
    Sorry don't have much room in my place for a couch. I don't live in Seoul but if you absolutely can't find a place to crash you can try my place since it would be only 2 nights. Company is always nice. ;) Jennifer from Gomushin Girl blog has a 2 bedroom joint that is awesome...maybe you can try her place.


  5. lol I love how Zenkimchi's shirt says "Gimme a beer please!" xD


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