Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Pancake in Korea

Whatever our theories on relationships may be you gotta have other loves in your life. I am talking about pancakes!

Sunday morning I woke up with a craving for Butterfinger Pancakes. If you don't know by now this is the hot spot to go for Western style breakfast / brunch. I have been there 3 times already.

There are actually a number of locations. The one I usually visited was in Apgujeong but because I have some memories there I decided to go to the one in Gangnam. It is near exit 6 down one of the side streets of the main road.

Whenever you go to Butterfinger Pancakes you end up waiting for a table. I think there is nothing wrong with this as it builds up your appetite and anticipation. For JH (that is the new guy's initials) it was going to be his first time having an complete western breakfast.

After about 20 minutes we were seated..

Enjoying the condiments at the table...

I ordered a specialty item on the menu, which were the Pecan Gingerbread Pancakes. Let me tell you this picture does not give you the full thing. The lovely scent that came from these pancakes was heavenly. The taste was fantastic too!!

JH had the waffle combination...

After picture....


  1. It is off of the Gangnam station from exit 6. It is on a side street. Look for an orange blue sign with the name of the place on it. Right next to a Burger King~

  2. I know of one in Bundang near me too, near Sunnae/Jungja Stations... I had to laugh Joy, JH are my hubby's initials!

  3. Yum yum...I HAVE to make some pancakes for my brunch RIGHT NOW!

    How do you say "new guy" in Korean?!!!

    And Mssy English Teacher.... may I remind you that in English we only use "an" before a word that starts w/a vowel!


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