Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rice Cooker Obtained

I posted a while back about how I pushed my coteacher to honor my contract and provide me with an functioning rice cooker. Well this week she pulled through and I have for you my new rice cooker. Although it is technically the school's property it will serve me well.

And because I think there are still some curious minds out there who wonder what us expats eat, here are some pictures of recent groceries I bought. Keep in mind I have other stuff besides this so here is just a sample.

Various grain puffs... great as cereal!

Emart had a sale of utensils going on so I picked up a few necessities. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find these things sometimes.

Pre-packaged salad... I know I could make it myself by buying lettuce.

Fruit gummies which are probably mostly sugar.

Orange juice and apple juice.

Apple jam. I go through jam like crazy. The stores mostly stock strawberry jam but I like a different flavor each time.
Well there is that slice of life. Wonder if my first pot of rice will come out good today.


  1. And if you get tired of rice, there are ways of making your rice cooker double as a crockpot. Eun Jeong has made Galbi Jjim in ours, and I've seen someone make Samgyetang in hers. I want to get a spare rice cooker to experiment with some crockpot recipes.

  2. I had a really nice crockpot back in America. I made excellent stews and chili. The darn thing could even roast a whole chicken or turkey. I sold it before I left. Was a real jem.


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