Friday, May 8, 2009

Warming Up

Korea has gotten a lot warmer these days. That means checking to make sure fans and air conditioners are working properly.

At the school I know for sure the air-con won't be turned on unless it is hellish outside, so I have been wondering how I will survive the summer at work. But the class is equipped with fans on the ceiling, which work quite nicely. However, my coteacher doesn't want them on all the time since the kidlets can't hear what we are saying. So I have been wondering about this too whether we are just going to end up baking in the class. Again the ambiguity rules here.

At home I have both a fan and an air-con unit. Except my air-con unit is old and stinky. But I know I am going to use it anyways because it beats sweltering in the summer heat to come. I am starting to think of ways to clean it, but the thing is kinda complicated.

I can't believe I am already into my 7th month here at the public school. In 3 months they are going to ask me whether to resign or not. So I have to get thinking on what my decision will be about my contract. Sigh ~ decisions.

On Wednesday after work I went to Beomgye's park and did some sketching. It was good to get out and do something on my own...something personal. Hopefully I won't be a lazy butt and will get out there and do it again.

Here comes the weekend. I heard it might rain Sunday.

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