Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Joe's 2 Cents

Joe over at Zen Kimchi has his own 2 cents on this matter.

Just what is going on?

Really I don't get why people just can't get their heads around the fact that we as expats and migrant workers need to be more organized.

Ah well~


  1. There are certain threads in the expat community here that necessarily work against unification.

    I put no one in these categories, I just note they exist.

    1) The "alienists" who are so happy to be in a foreign country that they believe they are the only one. These are the "this is MY Korea" folks. Won't talk to you on the street; laugh at your silly impressions of Korea.

    2) The people who got here because their people skills were insufficient back home. We pretend these folks don't exist, but we've all met them; Cultural divides, particularly allied with power/age relationships (in Hagwons particularly) work for them in Korea.

    3) The lotharios (enough said)

    4) The drunks (and, as a drunk myself, I don't claim that this category - or any other - is monolithically anti-organization) who don't want too much attention. W

    5) The incompetent, for whom organization scarily implies judgment.

    This taxonomy is far too blunt, but people who end up in Korea teaching come from a much narrower set of demographics than the folks we would meet on the streets of our home towns, and I think this overall demographic is one that is less likely to be concerned about organization or community.

    Now, back to my twitching, drinking, hatred off all the rest of you!

  2. I am starting to realize the hurdles in creating an actual "community" here, due to our western heritage.


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