Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sports Day

Monday was sports day at my school, which meant no classes and time spent outside. Last week there was a lot of prep work going on, where the kids were seen outside practicing for this day.

Mothers, fathers and siblings attended the event. It was overall a fun time.

The school made the kids dress in white sports clothes. There were two teams the white and the blue. Strangely the white team wore red wrist bands, I guess they didn't have a stash of white ones.

The first part consisted of listening to a speech by the Principal, singing songs and doing warm ups.

The games consisted of tug-of-war, racing and beanbag tossing.

This is the bean bag tossing, where the kids had to throw bean bags into the basket. The most bean bags in the basket meant the winner.

Afterwards we all went back inside for lunch, and to our surprise the Principal let the teachers have the day off. Today is Children's Day, which means no school. What to do?

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  1. Aside from all the pagentry..... Spring looks so nice & fresh and GREEN in these shots!
    Was that your little giggle in the video?!
    If so, v. nice to hear your laughter Foreign/er.


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