Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Still Fun to Live Here

Despite all the news, paranoia and your usual everyday-Korean-crazy stuff it is still fun to live on this peninsula.

Where else can you find yourself wondering how to console your teary eyed coteacher after she had spent all of the planning time reading news about the deceased ex-president?

I have been here for a year now and I am still trying my darnedest to understand all that goes on here. I think the day is going to come when I just accept it all as the way it is and learn to let it all go.

I really want to write about my 1 whole year experience here and provide a great video montage, but I have yet to get around to it. Don't worry I will, just don't know when..haha.

So life is still fun here, you know?! Last weekend, on Saturday, I went to Insadong to buy some art supplies and meet up with JH. While there I contacted Roboseyo and met up with him and his friend Evan.

We went over to Kyobo bookstore because the guys were looking for Korean study books. While we were there we ran into Jennifer from Fat Man Seoul and it became an instant meet up. JH was nervous meeting a lot of foreigners at once but I think he had himself a real memorable time.
JH and I were hungry so we split from the group to catch a bite of Korean chicken soup or samgyetang 삼계탕. It involved a lot of bones, which I have a fear of so it was interesting to eat. I would say if it were a freezing winter day and I felt a cold coming on I would have enjoyed it more. Supposedly you are to eat it 3 times during the summer.

After that we met up with the rest of the gang and went to Jennifer's new smashing great house. The place has more than 1 room and a balcony of all things! My one room hovel compared nothing to this place. To top it off her home is located in a cutesy area with lovely cafes. Someday...someday.

Sunday, sunday, sunday! On Sunday JH and I went back to the Anyang Art Park for some relaxation. We sat near that water-spouting sculpture. I did some sketching and we played around and took some pictures.

He is camera shy!

Lunch was another Korean "pizza" or as I call it a pancake. This one was pretty good since it had a nice crispiness to it.

We tried some of that milky rice wine, which I found a bit distasteful.
There you have it folks. Hopefully we can all keep our heads screwed on correctly and get through these various crisis occurring across kimchi land.

I am somewhat idealistically thinking how wonderful it would be if during these events that we as expats somehow bonded more and finally ended up creating some kind of functioning community. Here's to hope! Cheers!


  1. echem . . . not Seoul Eats. FatManSeoul.

  2. Thanks for this post. I'm still looking forward to my job and life here after this craziness is over. Thanks for the positive reminder!

  3. AHHH I knew I got it wrong > <

    Sorry sorry sorry

  4. Joy, hanging out with people and getting along and enjoying the company IS having a "functioning community."

  5. You know Amanda I just don't think we see eye to eye. I mean your comments usually really point out what makes sense and I agree with you.

    But usually I am left feeling like I am stupid. Like I am a foreigner here who doesn't know any better and you know the real deal.

    I appreciate you reading my blog and taking the time to think about it and then giving me your opinion. But know that I am starting to seriously wonder if you ever have something nice to say.

  6. This post is making me miss Korean food!


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