Thursday, May 14, 2009

Goyang City Mini Trip

Last Sunday I ended up in Ilsan at the Goyang International Horticulture Festival. Although I didn't really walk around the displays I did enjoy a stroll around the man-made lake and fountain.

Basically this area was really just one long and large park. The day was overcast with a chance of rain.

A pagoda structure amongst the park..

A rainbow sculpture...

There was a mini-zoo with a crane and another set up with chickens and peacocks.

Hmmm I wonder who has been taking all these pictures of me?? Well, that is a secret for now. ;)

The water fountain area. There area lot of fountains here in Korea where water spouts out from the ground allowing for playful activity from children.

Later on.... dinner.
Hehehe well it was a good day and pretty too.


  1. heehee, who is taking pictures of the joy...hmmm....=^^=
    we need to get together soon. it has been a little while...

  2. Yea we should!~ So when abouts are you freeee?


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