Monday, December 13, 2010

Walks: Bourbon Hill

This is an idea that came into my mind one restless night ago. What I came up with was to document streets that are familiar to me and share my memories. I hope, of course, to make more and to expand the idea when I go back to Korea. It's not one of those fast-paced youtube videos so try to treat it like a podcast.


  1. Nice. Very nice.....very NPRish!

  2. hehe ~ my inspiration from NPR haha

  3. ...especially the sound effects of ur footsteps, breathing & babbling brook..., the tone of ur voice! Music interludes were too abrupt, needing more fading in/out & not long selection was good, just re-edit!
    Overall good job1
    Hey isnt' this street near the house u were living in when u graduated from HS?

  4. This was my first time doing sound editing, and it was quite difficult to get all timed. I knew i needed more pauses in between, but that would mean staring at the pictures that okay?

    Thanks...and yes it is.

  5. you can have the audio run behind multiple pictures, use more pics at less time eachtu if the app allows u to (usual as w/PPT). What app did u use?

  6. I used iMovie, the problem was that I didn't take enough pics. Something I learned for next time.


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