Thursday, December 2, 2010

Faster at the End

This highly scientific video demonstrates two coins going down a funnel. I would like to point out that my life right now feels like one of those coins as they get to the very end. Notice how it goes faster and faster and then just plunks into the dark hole. Well, when you are finishing a job, getting ready to move and are very close to the end date, life can feel that way.

I've got pretty much everything packed, except for dishes and cleaning supplies. I was going to put my stuff in storage but JH talked about it with one of his close friends and they agreed to keep my stuff at their house. How nice of them! I offered to pay them a monthly sum, but was told they'll take a nice dinner, instead. So JH has been picking up boxes and slowly moving them over there. 

I am a bit worried about Tom as on Saturday he will make the switch to my friend's house where he will stay till my return. His brother is there so maybe he will be okay, and I know this person takes good care of hers. I suppose I am just sad to not have my little warm fur ball with me as I move along. Just hoping when I pick him up later that it won't be too traumatic for him.

Work is thankfully coming to an end at this school. I feel so happy inside that I don't have to come here anymore and sit in this small office. I wish I could blurt this out loud so they can see why I am so happy, but I restrain myself. Tonight is my goodbye dinner with the Principals and English staff. But my ex-coteacher (the very old one) from last year will be there. Sigh~ I really don't want to have to talk to her and pretend to give a sh*t. But I also don't want to leave looking bitter. Guess I'll just suffer through one dinner and be on my way. I got everyone thank you cards and a little gift (except no gift for old lady and new foreign teacher). 

As for my students some of the 6th grade classes have responded with cards and little notes and gifts. It has been really touching and makes all the crap I endured at this school melt away. I wish them the best and hope I have influenced their lives in some way or another.

Not much else to report on, just biding my time till tomorrow when I can say "Goodbye!" to this school and all the people here.

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  1. Congrats! I still have two months left.. but the time is flying by almost too fast...


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