Friday, December 10, 2010

Trader Joe's Karot Cake

Ah, the joy's of being back home. One of the major bonuses, I feel, of being back in your home country is shopping at grocery stores. There are the usual supermarkets like Safeway, but the ones I like most visiting are those with a theme. Several years ago the store Trader Joe's became really popular. It was a place I frequented for quality frozen meals and oddball foods. It was like a health foods store but more hip and open-minded.

Yesterday, as we we headed three hours northeast to get home we stopped at Trader Joe's. Although I tell people I am from San Francisco the truth is I only lived there while in college. My California hometown is up in the foothills. The area I am in is not a complete small town, due to you do have plenty of shopping and entertainment areas. But there isn't a Trader Joe's here. You have to drive out about an hour to get to one. I think that is the charm of living in a small town, because whenever you get out and go to a shop that isn't in your area you feel somewhat special.

Anyways, I picked up some groceries and had a hard time not wanting to buy everything. I took home a carrot cake or as TJ's calls it a "Karot Cake." This evening I defrosted it and had myself a slice.


  1. omg. can i ask what the name of your hometown is? we are headed home to my husband's hometown for the holidays in a few days (been lurking here. moved from america to korea about 6 months ago. discovered your blog about 4 months ago.) and he lives a couple hours outside of san fran in a teeny town called turlock. could we be headed your way? that would be so weird. =) in a good way. i'm usually bored out of my mind there so i could make it a mission to find you or something.

    oh, and we always tell people he's from san francisco too. if they seem to know the area enough, we attempt to see if they know modesto.....but that's usually as specific as we get.

  2. Yum, yum...however, if u keep this up....ur last post from the U.S.before returning to Seoul will be "I am Overweight"!
    EnJoy....but not too much!

  3. haha yes Mom! Hopefully I will take advantage of the gym in town.

    And I don't live there but in NEvada County. Maybe not too far apart?

  4. oh darn. i thought it would be such a funny coincidence. =) i guess i'll just be bored again. enjoy your stay at home. i just can't wait to get back into a T arget!! but guess what carrier we're flying home with two little kids first? totally not looking forward to it.

    since i've outed myself, i blog at

    nice to meet you.

  5. Ooo hope you have a good flight. Well I would love to get out and about but don't have a car. I'm not too bored here. My problem is I feel guilty if I watch TV and do nothing. Always feel I have to do something productive...

  6. could knit a surprise for JH while watching TV!


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