Monday, December 13, 2010

Apostilled Degrees Arrived Today

In accordance with the new E2 regulations I had copies of my University Degrees apostilled. All that is left is the FBI check returning to me with "no record" and sending it off for an apostille. Oh the joy's of immigration!


  1. You might want to blur out some identifying parts of these photos, lest the internet identity thieves spot your blog.


  2. LOL...

    I have all her info, and am off for the sex-change reassignment!

    Also... man.. I love to see what you do with your header on this blog...


  3. Joy,
    Did you send a color copy of your degree to get the Apostille or did you have to send the original document too? Also did you have it notarized first?


  4. Luis ~
    Take your degree to a notary. They will know what to do. My parents took care of this part for me, but I will explain. The notary copied and then using another document put their signature on it and my fathers. I'm not sure what this was called. So yes it was notarized and the copy was in color.


  5. send original = no...take original to notary for the copy

  6. Thanks Joy. Hope your new school year is starting out well.

  7. You're welcome Luis and hope all your documents work out. I know this time around getting the visa felt like a doozy.


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