Thursday, December 16, 2010

Walked From One Town to the Next

I believe that cabin fever starts to set in at about 48hrs of not leaving the house. This morning, with sunshine beaming in and warming things up, I knew I needed to get out. After some breakfast I grabbed my purse, put on my coat and decided to head to the next town. The thing is I don't have a car while I am here. My folks have a car but it is a stick shift and I never learned how to use a manual. Sure I could have asked my folks for a ride into town, but I knew I needed the exercise.

So I set off to check out the "Brunswick Basin" in Grass Valley. This is an area of Nevada County that is in the middle between downtown Nevada City and downtown Grass Valley. They're sister cities but have their own unique characteristics. The Brunswick Basin use to be a lake, but way-back-when they drained it and used the space for commerce. It is basically a small valley where you can find any fast-food place under the sun, and also home to several shopping centers.

My path started off passing the creek that is nearby my home. I soon discovered on my walk that Nevada County isn't too fond of building sidewalks.

The options to cross over into the next town, were either to take a very winding path or a straight shot on an old freeway. I maneuvered my way next to this road being careful not to get hit. At the end I made my way into the basin.

The following are shots around that area, but I stopped taking pictures...guess I figured I would be back.

I found myself mailing off my Christmas cards, then doing some light shopping and getting lunch. I didn't really feel like walking the way back and risking getting run over so I opted for the county bus system. Although, functioning the bus only comes about every 40 - 50 minutes. I waited at the stop and one came by, turns out I needed to transfer. So I rode the bus a while till it finally got to my transfer spot. It was fun riding the bus as it truly gave me that "small town" feel. This was because practically everyone knew each other on it or they knew the bus driver.

I picked up a map and schedule, so hopefully next time I will have it figured out.  It was good to get out there and do something. We are expecting a winter storm to come in tomorrow night which will leave us in the rain for five days. Certainly, will make the effort to go out then. I am thinking of making a Scrabble club up here, but am weary it might attract single guys who think it is a way to get a date. arghh


  1. Spelling check: creek & they're [sister cities].

  2. I was gonna say "look someone I know from Korea is also in Nevada with me" but then I found out that Nevada County is actually in California which is good because that really doesn't look like Nevada but then I guess I'm not a very good Nevadan since I've lived here for years but never actually been more than an hour outside of Las Vegas and who needs commas or periods anyway also I hope everything is going well with you!

  3. Oh yea, When I took the bus to work in VT for a while, I had the same bus driver every day. After a while we would exchange pleasantries and even chat sometimes. And of course I knew the crazy old hippie that took the bus with me and he'd always have some strange, drug-damaged-brain conversations with me every morning. Ah, I kind of miss those times... kind of...

  4. It's certainly a way to feel part of the community.


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