Sunday, December 5, 2010


From the words of my boyfriend, "Don't worry, it will take just 30 minutes to clean." I gave him a serious look and told him no. I explained we needed to make it clean so I get my money back. The truth is I don't even know if the cleaning has anything to do with getting my deposit back. From what I gather it has more to do if items are missing or broken. Oh well. I wanted to make sure that the new teacher and my old coteachers saw me as a clean person who doesn't just leave them with a mess.

Once we got all the stuff out, like suitcases and other such things, it was a lot easier to start. We scrubbed, scraped and washed off the past year. Finally, around five o'clock we looked around and knew we were finished. I was going to clean my trash bins but gave up due to just not wanting to clean anymore.
The sad part about cleaning a place and having it look so minimal is that you wish it was like that everyday. Every time I do this I say I am going to be cleaner and better in my new place. haha!

The new teacher is getting a lot of bonuses. For one I left my curtains, since we were too tired to stuff them in the car. Along with the cleaning supplies, an ample amount of toilet paper and even a cheap sketchbook, the new teacher is getting more than the usual empty office-tel.

I am currently relaxing and enjoying the good life at my friend's house till Wednesday. Ah time to get on a plane again. I'm starting to think about what to do with my free time, books to read, things to make...:)


  1. In Korea, people don't generally clean before leaving - it's good luck to inherit some "dirt" and your deposit isn't the same as a security deposit in the US, and can't be legally withheld.

  2. Good to know. Well I did leave some dirt in the form of a dirty fan and two waste bins. Just when the other foreign teacher at my school moved out of her place a few months ago, one of my coteachers was astonished by the "mess" she left. I saw the place and it was just a little dirty. haha ...ah well


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