Monday, December 13, 2010

My Friend Has Chickens

Yesterday I visited with my friend and her family. She dropped off her kids at her parent's house and so we had her house to ourselves. There were chores to be done and so I helped her out with raking the leaves in the yard. A few weeks before I came here there was an early winter storm and many of the trees here could not handle the weight of the snow. Therefore, there was a lot to clean up.

I enjoyed the raking, although I think I was out of practice as my friend took long sweeps and I took mini-ones. Recently she acquired some chickens so that she could have fresh eggs. Although, lately she hasn't been able to find the eggs.

Later on her oldest son came home and he caught one for me to pet. 
 The black one is the male and the others are females, and here you can see them next to their coop.

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