Friday, December 10, 2010

I Was Overweight

I'm talking about my check-in luggage. Winter clothes plus my art supplies and everything else made for two very heavy suitcases. I am sure I could have packed better and gotten rid of more clothes, but for some reason I didn't do that this round. Of course I paid for this mistake at the airport when I found out. We had to pull the suitcases aside and repack one to make it heavier than the other. This way, instead of paying 200,000 for each overweight suitcase I just paid for one.

The flight home wasn't too bad, but I certainly was surprised at the gate. As we boarded the plane I looked out to see it and noticed that it wasn't an Asiana plane but a United one. The ticket I bought was an Asiana ticket, although I did notice it was a carrier of United. My thinking was that the plane was going to be Asiana, boy was I wrong. There were significant differences in flying an American owned company versus an Asian aircraft. For starters there weren't any personal TV displays. Movie watching was left to aisle TV's, and whatever they picked. Our in-flight entertainment consisted of Eat, Pray, Love and some kind of mildly-scary movie. I listened to Eat, Pray, Love for the first few hours of the flight while they served us dinner. This meal wasn't spectacular and there were only Western style choices. Although, I was complaining about always having either BiBimBop or steak for dinner, I really missed the Korean option.

After the lights went out and people settled down more I took into my usual flying routine. That is of covering my eyes with an eye-mask, putting in ear plugs and snuggling up with my neck pillow and blanket. My seat-mates were a Grandma and a Grandpa, which was cute at first until they decided to talk for two hours while I was trying to sleep. After awhile I was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to get tired and shut-up. I figured out a strategy, which was to get up and go use the bathroom, which by the way we were seated next to. Thankfully, this idea worked as I when I got back to my window seat, the Grandpa was walking up and down the aisles for exercise and Grandma was resting in her spot.

I think the trick to sleeping on a plane is to move around till you find a comfortable position. It seems the body knows what to do at that point. I believe I got in about two hours sleep, not completely restful but worthy. The flight was actually kind of short coming in at just barely 10 hours. I'm not sure if flying during the winter time means the winds are better or something.

Anyways, I learned two lessons from this trip. One, that you should double check the baggage restrictions and two that you should try your best not to fly United Airlines.


  1. Oh yeah....there was also a MAJOR difference between Delta on the way to Europe & Air France on the way back to the USA! Goin' to Europe fly a European carrier!
    Well a safe trip was accomplished and that's really the MOST important factor!

    Well don't despair you're just a chip off the old block when it comes to overweight luggage!

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  3. LOL @ "only a number."

    Yeah.. a descriptive one...


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