Monday, December 20, 2010

Post-Work Blues Cure

Trust me, I am enjoying that I don't have a job to go to till next March. But it seems there are still some frustrations from last year that I am getting over. Yesterday morning I awoke from an anxious dream where I was arguing with my old coteachers. When I woke up I was furious, but then looked around me and realized that was all over. However, as I am still waiting to make sure my previous school deposits all the money they owe me into my account, I can't help but still feel connected.

Thank fully I participated in a life-drawing group yesterday, which helped me get relief from these post-work blues. My step-mom is also an artist and she takes part in a local group that meets for life drawing. I grabbed my sketchbook and supplies and went along with her.

It was a small studio with a model and local folks. I was introduced and talked about my life over in Korea. But really I enjoyed the sketching time, where I got lost in my drawing. It really was therapeutic and helped clear my mind.
At break times I enjoyed looking around the gallery space.

It was great to see my sketch develop and have that old "studio" drawing experience back.

It's still raining here and will likely continue till next Saturday. This activity was just one of the ways I am keeping myself busy and I guess also helping me cope with the mental left-overs of last year.


  1. If you have extra time on your hands, you'd be surprised at the difference a caring person can make as a Big Brother, Big Sister, or when donating their time to other worthy causes.

  2. Excellent suggestion!
    Service is always good.........around the holidays there must be opportunities in the community!

    Nice drawing, but loosen up some...a bit stiff, I want her to breath! Less concern w/rendering, more gesture....
    Keep up the good work.


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