Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lunch at Ike's

Yesterday, I went to lunch with my folks at a local eatery called "Ike's Quarter Cafe." The place is a local joint that offers up wholesome New Orleans inspired dishes. The interior matches a small town feel with that of a jazzy texture.
 Really it has that feel of an organic-hippy place. 

As we waited for our order, my dad enjoyed a black-cherry soda. 
Unfortunately, I was really hungry and didn't realize I should have taken a picture till I was practically done with my meal. I had a BLT, which was the best one I have had in a very long time. Hopefully I will get back there to show you guys again.

Yesterday marked the last day of sunshine till who-knows-when. California is being hit by a wet winter storm that is to last till January. As soothing as falling rain sounds I am somewhat disturbed that JH is going to have a soggy vacation here. But it will still be warmer than back in Korea. We'll make due with whatever weather we get. :)

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