Thursday, December 16, 2010

Enjoying My Escape from the Korean Winter

My location would be the one on the top left there. Yes, indeed, I am happy to know that I avoided the first freeze in Seoul, South Korea. I can't begin to tell you how much I hate walking around in 13F temperature. Sure I got use to it and under my hat, scarf, winter coat, gloves, sweaters and pants I felt warm enough. But really I got tired of it last winter, which by the way lasted well into April.

My poor mom is complaining of the "cold" out there in Florida. Goodness!



  1. Dear Joy - when the wind is blowing & it feels like it's in 30sF, it doesn't matter where the heck u's damn cold! AND the heat is broken in my apt again. BUT on the bright side did you see where it says it'll be 80 here on Sat., cant wait!!

  2. Oh Winter :)
    Dear Joy and Joy's Mum-
    Try checking out the forecast for Edmonton, Alberta Canada some day you are feeling cold. If I convert from C to F, today is 0F, and we can look forward to -6F on Friday

  3. Dear Kathleen....that's why I moved to South Florida in 1974 from BUFFALO, NY!
    C'mon down & thaw!

  4. :)
    I think many Cdns spend winters in Florida/Palm Springs etc. A vacation does sound nice...

  5. Yea, Wednesday was a cold one. Walking around at 9am was that face-stinging cold and I was quite upset at myself for not wearing a scarf. But, the nice thing about those cold days is that when it's not THAT cold, it doesn't feel so bad... it's all relative :-)

    Hope you're enjoying your not so freezing temperatures in the states!


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