Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nevada City's Victorian Christmas

As I mentioned in my "Walks" video this town is an old mining town. I believe they have called it a "Victorian Christmas" because the gold mining age was during the 1880's. Also I think they created it due to the old-time architecture. Whatever, the historic reason may be Nevada City's Victorian Christmas has always been a time to get out and enjoy oneself in this historic town. Really, though living in a small town means you aren't surrounded by thousands of people all the time, like in Seoul. So an event like this practically brings the town together.

The event had people selling knick-knacks and Christmas goodies, along with street music and people dressed up in costumes.

As I approached the event there was live music playing and I could smell the aroma of hot apple cider.
 Lot's of handicrafts for sale.

 This is definitely the most amount of people you will see in one place in this town, unless you find yourself at the Target.

Somebody with their big dogs.
People in "Victorian" costume.

This gingerbread booth smelled amazing, but once you got to it you realized they didn't have much gingerbread cookies left.
There was one person selling carved bears.
A street performer~
Some lovely architecture.
More costumed folk~

Then I went down the hill a little bit and explored a side street.

I spotted Santa Claus, who ended up being kind of camera shy.
I looked around the other streets and tried to see if there was anything worth buying for presents, but nothing struck my fancy.

The event will happen a few more times before Christmas so maybe I will find something to wrap up for someone. Overall, it was fun to get out there and do something. For the most part I was feeling a bit shocked at being around so many white people. But then I remembered that I am one of them too, and then I missed Korea. haha


  1. Not that much diversity up there in Nevada County, eh?!!
    The place gives me the creeps..... maybe the ghosts of all those old miners!!
    Glad ur enjoying it...There's Target there now? Or were u referring to Auburn?

  2. That looks like so much fun! I want some apple cider!!


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