Thursday, December 23, 2010

Miner's Foundry Craft Bazaar

What once was a building to serve the needs of miners has been, as long as I can remember, a place to see concerts and plays. The Miner's Foundry is an old building set alongside Nevada City and is a great part of my childhood. During the summers, when I was visiting my father, I would take part in helping out with plays. I made friends backstage and got to enjoy watching a play come together.

In high school our prom was held here; however, my memory is a little bitter due to that I did not have a prom date. Speed up to 2010, ten years since I graduated, and I there was a local festival called a kind of Craft Bazaar. There were people selling jewelry and other stuff, along with live music and even a taco truck outside. Here's what I caught:

 The following are pouches made from neckties, after I got home I realized if you make the same thing out of Korean neckties they would be a lot more snazzy.
Below you see someone was selling old copies of Playboy magazines, yes I was tempted to by one for JH.

Someone was selling geological gems...

We caught some of the live music, which was pretty nice and relaxing. Overall, I wish this would come back while JH is here, but looking at the calendar it won't. Ah well..I'm sure I will find something for him to take part in.


  1. I saw some beautiful streams in your pass post. I am just wondering if nevada city has good flyfishing areas?

  2. It's possible, but most of the streams or rivers aren't really flat lying...if that is what fly fishing calls for...would be interesting to find out

  3. How far is the truckee river from you and do you know if the river is accessible for the public? Thank you

  4. Truckee is about an hour or two away and the river, as I recall, is open to the public. I don't about this time of year because that place gets heaps of snow.


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