Thursday, August 5, 2010

Will Be Back Soon

My summer vacation here in America is quickly dropping away. It is Wednesday night here and come Friday after noon I will be on my flight back to kimchi land.

I have to say this vacation felt right and was very fun and relaxing. I met up with some family I haven't seen in a long time, but when I saw them it felt like it was only yesterday since we last met.

I can't deny that I am feeling the dread of having to go back to work Monday and start camp. The little anxiety bubbles are already rising in my stomach. I just don't want to experience any more hellish feelings. From my time out here I realized that they are just being who they are and there is not much I can do to change that. My best bet is to just try to enjoy the job and make the most of it. I realized the Princess is the one in control of the paperwork, so in the end it is her I really need to focus on. Yet truly I should keep the whole group happy.

The way I see the rest of my time at this school is like this:
  • Camp for 3 weeks.
  • 1st week and half is with 2 of the 3 coteachers (older one is still on vacation). I will have the younger one in my classroom for camp during this time.
  • Younger one goes on a business trip for the second half of camp and Mrs. K (older coteacher) comes back.  I will have the middle aged coteacher in my class during this time. 
  • What that amounts to is less stress. 
  • After camp: Mrs. K will leave. In her place we will get The Dude. A young Korean man. I am looking forward to this as I know it will be fun. 
  • I have all the lessons planned out till December. (maybe still one more to do)... so no stress there... 
  • Tunnel vision: Will finish the job and go home afterward. Visit with family, have boyfriend come and visit too. Then back to Korea to hit the job market.

There you have it, but enough about my babbling anxieties. Visiting family and doing my American thing has felt really good.

Tomorrow I will leave later in the day to go into the Bay Area and check into a hotel. I look forward to my return and getting back into my routine. Anyways look for my updates about everything I did here.

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