Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Office-tel Cooking: Chicken Fried Rice

Cooking in an office-tell really isn't that much different from cooking in a regular kitchen. Except of course that everything is miniaturized. For example, your counter space is drastically reduced to either two side panels next to the stove or just one. In my last place I had no counter space and used my table for all the prep work.

Making meals that go beyond using just one pot can be tricky in an office-tell kitchen. For example, making a stir fry or something in a fry pan and then wanting to steam or cook something in a pot at the same time is tricky. If the fry pan is huge it usually ends up covering the other burners. Certainly cooking for yourself doesn't mean you need to make a lot, but if you are trying to make a whole meal things can get messy.

Thankfully, the meal I made a while ago just required one huge pan. I made chicken fried rice since I am trying to find foods I can cook that will make great leftovers for lunch.
You might notice a few new additions to my spice collection. For instance, I brought back creole seasoning from America. When I was in college my roommate was from New Orleans and she put that stuff on nearly everything. But beyond that you can see the ingredients I decided to use for the recipe. The following are the fresh ingredients, but you won't see the cooked rice.

Making this recipe was actually really simple. First you cook the chicken till it is about golden brown adding in spices.

Then you remove the chicken and cook the onions, carrots and mushrooms. Take all that out and put it in a bowl, then take the cooled and cooked rice and put it in the pan.

Stir the rice around while adding spices and soy sauce.
After you cook the rice to a texture and color that you feel looks good add back in the chicken and veggies and give a good stir.
Sure you could order the same thing from a local restaurant that will even deliver it to your door but a home cooked meal made with your own desirable ingredients always tastes great. 

I would say that it did come out too salty and so I know now how much seasoning and soy sauce to add to this dish for next time, so just a warning.


  1. At least with a homecooked meal, you know EXACTLY what's in it. :)

  2. And with what it was made (like the kind of oil) ;)

  3. Nice new banner....altho the "/" is too small & looks like a "l" or "I".
    Was REALLY tired of seeing the white lady's boobs!
    oh my!!!!

  4. Thanks! I am a little worried about that too but for now will see if it works. Could go back into Photoshop and tweek it though.


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