Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poolside Chat and Italian Dinner

The next day, in Gainesville, I woke up around 11am and wondered out of my room. My family was outside on near the pool talking. There we watched my nephews swim in the pool, while we had some good conversations and ate snacks.

Playing with the dog.
More pool fun~ It reminded me of when I was a kid and how I stayed in the pool for hours while the adults lounged around. Now things are reversed.

Meanwhile, I went inside to grab a snack and found myself in front of a very well stocked pantry.

 It started to rain and so the boys got out of the pool. Plus we were hungry so we got ready and went out. First we stopped at my cousin's house and took group photos. Along the way we drove the scenic route which took us through some old country. I enjoyed the large green fields and thick trees with Spanish moss on them.

 At my cousin's house the boys found his room with collectible toys. He had those star wars swords and soon enough it became a big thing.

 We went outside for group photos, but I am only going to show you one for privacy.

 We got back in our cars and headed out to the restaurant, on the way I caught glimpse of a classic Southern roadside fixture. The Waffle House.

We went to the Macaroni Grill and had a good time.


 We walked around the mall for a little bit. I should tell you that Gainesville, Florida is a special place for many reasons. One it was where I was born. Two it is home to the Florida football team the gators. Finally, it is where Gatorade was invented. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

 After the mall we headed back to my Aunt's house and had a nice walk around the block (to be shown in my next post). What was interesting about my Florida trip was that my rental car was from Ohio.

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  1. Wow~ it seem like so peaceful..
    I want to be there too ><

    You should have taken a picture of Korean cars!!


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