Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lunch at the Seawatch

The next day, after coming back from Gainesville, I went out with my sister and my nephews. We went to the Seawatch Restaurant to catch some lunch. If you are ever in south Florida and in the Fort Lauderdale area I would highly recommend coming here. For several reasons, one the view is spectacular and two the food was really good.

Inside was a fun nautical theme.
The view:
I got the "light" salmon salad, which was pretty good. 
My nephew got a grilled cheese sandwich.
More of that lovely view~
After lunch we went to the upstairs balcony for dessert. I had a really scrumptious and delicious key lime pie while my nephews had some ice-cream sundaes. The pie was amazing!

 We lounged around till it was time to go, meanwhile admiring the seaside.

 Recently, South Florida has had a problem with iguanas populating the area. When I was a kid growing up in Florida I had several iguanas as pets but never really saw them on the roadside. At the restaurant there was one on the roof. 

Florida had a really cold winter and so a lot of them froze to death. I actually found it fun to see the guys treating the green grasses as their territory. 

After lunch I met up with my Mom and we went to the beach, which you can catch in my next post.


  1. Ahem.....ahhhh .... that lunch looks REALLY good!

    And the view....doesn't get any better than that....perfecto!

  2. '') yes.. true.. it looks like really awesome!! and thank you for a lot of presents. especialy the T-thirts that navy color one made my mom so happy.. thanks a lot~

  3. You hear that mom? ;) That was one of the shirts you gave me that I knew his mom would really like.


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