Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Dip in the Yuba

One of the great pleasures of visiting my father up in Nevada County is taking a dip in the Yuba River.
Maybe in many parts of small-town America there is a local river or lake that is famous for good summer time fun. The river was there for me when I was kid and exploring new places. It was a place I went to contemplate life and my future when I was in high school. Since moving to San Francisco and then across the world it is now a sanctuary. Even in the winter, although you can't swim in it, the river offers beautiful scenery.

I went to the river with my father and stepmother one day on my trip. We went to "Edward's Crossing", which is one of the swimming holes you can access. There are many swimming holes one could go to, some are easily accessible while others you have to drive down a steep dusty road and walk a while on a trail. 

Whichever one you choose you are usually greeted by an old or new bridge that crosses the river. Nearby the bridge are the trails.
The view from the bridge.
Going on the trail.
Nowadays I am not as fit as I use to be when I was a teenager. I recall running down the trail to catch up to my friends who were already at the river. 
It's always a hallelujah moment when you get to the end of the trail, because by that time you are hot and sweaty. I use to just run into the water and dive in, but the water felt cold and so I just kept on walking in deeper and deeper until I felt acclimated. 
Taking the first plunge into the water felt so refreshing and exhilarating.
On these hot Korean summer days I wish I had this river nearby to dip into. However, I know that there are rivers out here one could go and have a swim in. I keep trying to get JH to take me out to one. 
We went on a weekday and so I didn't expect too many people to show up. But as the morning turned into afternoon more families came around. Sure I don't mind sharing the space but it certainly feels different from when I was a kid. It seemed people enjoyed hooting and hollering at each other and making such a racket. I always felt the river was a place to chill out and feel some peace. Oh well, live and let live.

Some of my best memories growing up come from going to the river. Dad would pack us "Wonder Witch" sandwiches and ice cold Pink Lemonade. I would play in the water for hours diving and jumping off rocks. 
I hope no matter where I am living in the future that I always manage to come back to this place and have a good time.


  1. what a nice place!! Is there far away from SF? Hopefully I could go there someday!

  2. It is 3 hours from San Francisco. I can take you in the winter but you can't swim hehe.

  3. If the river will be frozen, you have to melt it for me.
    and then I will swim in there even if I may be dying


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