Monday, August 16, 2010

Dad's Stuffed Peppers

Back to talking about my vacation and the part I spent in California. A lot of my time there was just spent relaxing and unwinding from all the flying and moving about.
For example, I admired the deep clear blue skies and the foliage. Another activity I was fond of was going to supermarkets. Living up in Northern California it is almost like a novelty being surrounded by organic and natural food products. The atmosphere is that of retired hippies and aging hipsters. The following picture is to just show JH the way people park in America.

One evening, while there, I enjoyed a stuffed pepper dinner my dad made. Home cooked meals are always a great treat.

My room was decorated with lovely flowers from my father's and stepmother's garden. *Ooo if you can get into this picture you can see a photo of me from my teen years when I was into rock music.
The following are pictures of the guest room I stayed in, which of course consisted of a great comfortable bed. *The painting on the left is mine, from my Community College days.
:) Sure was comfortable.

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