Saturday, August 21, 2010

Walk Around Home

Still bringing you guys up to speed with my American vacation, which is now two weeks in the past. After the river trip I took a walk into town and just took pictures of the area and what I thought were those American highlights.
 Like, for example, houses and the way folks decorate their entrances.
A creek nearby...
The old Victorian and wild west feel of downtown Nevada City.
Then meeting a new friend.
Returning to the place called home...
As time presses on and I move away from my vacation I feel I am trying so dearly to cling onto those memories. Not just the eventful ones but the ordinary ones where I could see Dad watering the lawn or just watching TV. Or when I was in Florida and saw mom in the kitchen. Here I am in my office-tel alone and back to the grind of work. Even though I know I want to be back amongst my family and familiarities I feel comfortable being here in Korea. It's hard to say now but I guess Korea is becoming common place to me and not that alienated. Of course, Korea is still a place of wonder and excitement to me so that feels like it will never stop. Just feels interesting being caught up in these realities.

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