Thursday, August 12, 2010

Notes From Camp (Week 1 pt.2)

Dear Camp Diary,
    Week 1 is blazing by very fast. It seems I just got off the plane from America and was put right into the classroom. I can't believe that just last week I was enjoying myself in California eating American style sushi.

Let's see, this would be my 6th time doing camp and finally it feels organized and full of fun. However, I feel that for the first part my mind was still on vacation as I forgot to play certain games with the kids when we had nothing left to do. But it seems my mind finally woke up today, on what is the 4th day of camp.

Yesterday was cooking and we made the yogurt parfaits. I think the kids enjoyed it, however their yogurt was not refrigerated so was more runny than thick. The kids looked like they had fun, anyways trying to make the layers.
Some of them even brought their own toppings.
 We had a toppings bar set up for those kids who needed more. The M&M's would melt in the yogurt causing it to change all sorts of colors.
Yogurt parfaits were a real hit and I think next time will try to have more healthy topping choices. 

Today was Science day and it was the grand "Egg Drop" day. Yesterday I kind of stressed out too much so had some good rest last night. Therefore I was fresh and ready this morning. First I told the kids about the experiment and made up a story that their egg is an "alien baby." 

Then they were given a worksheet to brainstorm what their egg basket would look like. After this the materials were handed out and they got to work with their creations. They really liked the balloons, however and we had to get them back to work on their project.
They really got into it and discussed it with their group on what would work best. Of course, I showed them some videos to get them motivated. 
*Actually, when I picked up this group's project the egg you see there fell out. I had to quickly replace it with another egg before they found out. (Kids were outside)
The kids went outside as we (Native teachers) headed upstairs to drop the eggs out the window of the 4th floor.
I am at work so I can't access my video editing software. For now you can enjoy this clip of the egg drop. I will probably make a full edited video after I do this with all the grades.
Tomorrow is Sports day and we have this big "Mission Impossible" game planned. Depending on the weather I might be out in the heat or inside under the air conditioner. I am looking forward to the last day of week 1, and having a good time.

This isTeacher Joy signing off.


  1. Joy,
    Looks like you're having lots of fun. The post format works well to detail lots of info - but there's waaayy too many pictures to scroll through... Perhaps a whittling down might work (say, 15 max per post)? Keep up the good work - and I like that 'Teacher Joy signing off'...

  2. Thanks Chris. I will think about editing the amount of photos, but for now I am comfortable with the amount I post.


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