Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mom's Tacos

My last day in Florida was met with some shopping and a good meal at my Mom's house. Shopping in America, especially at a grocery store or large-box store kind of gets me down. Mostly because I wish I could just take the whole thing back with me to Korea. To be honest, Korea has a lot of what America has so it's not like I am out in the middle of nowhere.

I met up with my mom at her apartment for her special Taco dinner. This is one of those nostalgic family meals that you grew up eating. My mom makes the taco filling from homemade refried pinto beans. Accompanying the tacos are usually a fresh mix of toppings, such as diced tomatoes, chopped lettuce and peppers and freshly grated cheese. Although we didn't have it this time usually we had the tacos with pita bread instead of tortillas.

I showed up early and as we waited for my sister and her family to arrive we walked around the apartment grounds walking her dog.
Gotta love that Florida lawn.
One thing folks in Florida have always feared are the alligators. I recall seeing them in the canal behind my house. 
We went back to the apartment and shortly my sister and her family arrived. The following is a picture of a rocking chair (I believe my father or Grandfather built) for me. It has my name on it. I enjoyed seeing my nephew fit into it.
Here is a picture of the beans...
The spread~
That is the last photo from my Florida trip. I enjoyed the meal with my mom and family. After my sister and her family left I took in a solitude moment with my mom. I said my final goodbye and it was truly difficult. It had been such a long time since we last saw each other and this visit went by fast. Yet I will try to get back out there the next chance I get. As I drove back to my sister's house there was a bold lighting storm in the distance, which felt proper for the occasion. 

Although my Florida visit was short and fast I made many memorable moments to keep myself afloat out here in Korea.  Indeed, the warmth and good feelings passed to me by my family makes me feel less bitter towards Korea. I suppose you could kind of say it was a little bit of like a healing experience, but I don't want to get all new-agey on you guys. haha

Well look for my next posts where I will highlight the good times I had in the foothills of California.


  1. Clarication:
    1. The refried beans are made from scratch from pinto beans cooked w/garlic, onions & a
    "secret" recipe of spices! Then they're pureed and refried w/tamari in safflower oil.

    2. The little rocker was made entirely by Joy's Mom from an unfinished wood rocker she bought & then stained & finished & painted to put under the Xmas tree for Joy's first Xmas!
    She's now wondering why she didn't do the same for Puja & Jon?!!
    Someday she hopes Joy's child will be sitting in it!

  2. Thanks Mom for those points. I had a feeling I was off on the rocker. So glad to hear the real story.

  3. Ur welcome! Did you take any fotos of Charlie?


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