Monday, August 16, 2010

Movie Review: Ajusshi or The Man From Nowhere

Last weekend I went to the movies with JH, which was good since we hadn't seen a movie together in quite a while.

Catching a movie in Korea is always an interesting experience. Usually you can go to the theater and pick a movie you want to see then buy a ticket. But the more normal way to buy a ticket is to reserve it online. There are different movie theater companies here but the well known one is CGV. It was a Sunday and most of the tickets were already sold out, so we were left with the seats way in the back. Actually we got the "Sweetbox" tickets. These are more expensive than the normal price, because they are more like a "couple" seat being that they are like a mini-couch without an arm rest in the middle and a large head rest behind you. The sweetbox seats were very comfortable.

The movie we went to see was the popular hit here in Korea called Ajusshi or "The Man From Nowhere." It is number one at the box office in Korea beating out the Hollywood flicks like Inception. I knew the movie was going to be sad and a bit violent due to that it is a Korean movie and they typically are that way.
The main actor of this film is Won Bin starring as Tae Shick, who is some kind of loner. This is a movie with a sad story mixed in with violence and survival. The plot follows Tae Shick as he ends up in a bad situation having to look for a girl and her mother that were kidnapped. The girl befriended him early on in the movie so there was definitely a soft spot in this film, which is riddled with violence. By now, in my life, I should be desensitized to violence but I think I haven't seen it on the big screen in a long time. Plus there is some truly gory types of violence in this movie.

The great thing about this film is that it never really slows down and you are engaged throughout the whole thing. The acting was also well done and believable, along with the story which was touching and well thought of.

I would highly recommend this film to those seeking a thriller and a good story this summer season. I caught it with English subtitles at the Gangnam CGV theatre.

Check out this trailer to get you excited...

After the movie we prowled along Gangnam, near the theater, looking for dinner. Unfortunately this area is now one of the busiest places in Seoul so it was hard to get dinner at the places I chose, such as the Mexican and the Indian place. We settled on a Turkish (Turka Kebab House) restaurant that was somehow not yet busy.

The dining inside was cramped, but there was an upstairs unit for reservations. The variety of choices seemed pretty good, yet in the expensive range of 10,000 won to 12,000 won. We ordered beef and chicken kebabs with bread. It was all very tasty and the bread was filling.
My advice would be that if you have a lower budget to head out to another area since this one was packed and also the places were pretty expensive. Yet it was a Sunday and maybe on other days it isn't so crowded. However, in Seoul it is hard to get away from the crowds.

There you and dinner. Yum!

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