Monday, August 2, 2010

Brunch and Going to Gainesville

The afternoon after my first night in Florida I went to my Mom's house with my sister and her sons for brunch. It was splendid! Pumpkin bread, fresh fruits and scrambled eggs. Also this was the first time in my mom's new apartment and it felt good to visit with her.

But we couldn't stay long because we had a 5 hour drive up to Gainesville to visit with my Father's side of the family. 

Driving through Florida is unique. The roads are flat and seem endless. Also it feels like there is nothing out there except the rest stations along the way. This was a good trip because I got to catch up with my sister and see the familiar roadside sites.
Here we are at the rest stop restaurants. 
What was really spectacular were views of the setting sun over the horizon. 
We arrived at my Aunt's house around 10pm and talked for a while then hit the hay.

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