Thursday, August 12, 2010

California Arrival

Back to bringing you up to speed with my vacation. The second half of my two weeks off I spent at my Dad's house up in the foothills of Northern California. To get there I rented a car from the airport and made my way three hours Northeast.

If you are ever flying into SFO and thinking of renting a car I would highly warn you against renting from Fox Rentals. Sure they had the cheapest rate but this meant waiting an hour in line and then finding out you get charged for every little fee and that their insurance is expensive. My advice would be to figure out a way to rent off site from the airport as that is usually cheaper.

However, the airline I flew to get around America was amazing! I flew Virgin America, which although you have to pay for checked-in baggage was very comfortable. The seats are leather and there is plenty of leg room. You get a video screen in front of you, where you can watch movies (for a price) and even order your lunch. Again here you have to pay for the food, but it was delicious and tasty. I didn't mind paying $7 since that is what I would have paid anyways inside the airport. Below is a view of the "picnic" style lunch I chose.

So after flying in and getting the car I finally was on the road. This took me past the great cityscape of San Francisco.
A little funny side note, here. While I was in America JH kept on asking me whether I saw Hyundai cars there and that when I do I should take a picture. I tried to tell him that most people don't have that car, and that they have Toyota's or Honda's more. Well he wouldn't hear any of that...haha.

Back at my dad's I rested and my trip started to feel like it was slowing down. I checked out my dad's garden which went through a lot of upgrades since last year.
Sigh ~ wish I could be back in that sunny comfortable setting. Still really glad I made it out there this summer. Well stay tuned for the rest of my comfy time in California.

Oh by the way, the car I rented for using in California came from Arizona. haha


  1. How did u take the great SF fotos while u were driving? I know what the traffic is like out there, especially when you're just plopped down right into it!
    I've had good luck & rates w/National car rental right at the SF airport. You have to take the airport people mover monorail to their airport location...I think you did that w/me on my last trip.
    AND JH there are plenty of Hyundai's in the USA!

  2. Yes I was driving, but as you know there was a traffic jam.

  3. haha~ Joy..
    Look what your mom said. she said that there are lots of Hyundai's in US! haha.. I think you wouldn't see the plenty of Korean's while you were in America unfortunately..

    Anyways SF's weather look like so peaceful and so blue..

    Ah~ thanks mziris for your cute presents. that made my family so happy..^^

  4. Hmph! I still say there are more Toyotas

  5. I believe it will be more Hyundai's soon!!^^

  6. You're welcome Mr. A lot of stars - my pleasure!

    Dad sure built & grew a v. beautiful garden...what are those white flowers, they're so beautiful!


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