Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art Museum and Sharing the Taste of Korean Food

My time in South Florida was quickly slipping pass me. With just 2 full days left before heading back to California I wanted to make sure I accomplished two important things. One, spend quality time with my mom and two share the unique taste of Korean food with my family. I accomplished both of these in one day.

First I went out to a local Art Museum with Mom, because art has been important to both our lives.
This was in the downtown area of Ft. Lauderdale where there is a river nearby.
We had a good time in the chilled-air-conditioned halls of the museum. Saw some modern artworks with a few pieces hailing from Asia. The bottom floor had a huge exhibition of Latin American artwork from the 21st Century. I especially enjoyed a small oil painting of trash near the beach. All in all, it was splendid to walk around and talk about the works with my mom.

Afterward we walked around the nearby park and riverside.
One can't help but admire the downtown Florida scenery with the sparkling blue sky in the background.
I think if one ponders the colors of South Florida their mind should go to pink, aqua blue and green.
I noticed this interesting tree with long beans hanging down from the branches.
It was time to head on out and meet the family at a Korean restaurant. We went to Gabose, which I found after doing some research on yelp.com. There was a different one I tried to go to first but they never answered my calls.
Things felt nostalgic inside the restaurant, due to there being Korean soju posters and Kpop playing in the background. I ordered ahead of time for the galbi, but still had a look at the menu to see what to round off the meal. The menu was really extensive with practically all the basic and essential Korean foods on it. Meaning there were the galbis, soups, spicy soup boiling pot things, noodle dishes (cold and hot)...and the list went on. They even had a sushi menu. But, the disappointing thing was that everything was really expensive. I ordered japchae, which was about 12 dollars. In Korea you can get it for half that!

However, I considered that to get the authentic Korean taste you need a lot of ingredients. Also I noticed that there were Korean people at the restaurant so it must be a local favorite amongst Korean expats.
I think this was a pretty accurate attempt at serving my family a Korean meal. The side dishes and rice that came in the typical metal bowl all showed how one eats in Korea. They had a little difficulty managing the Korean chopsticks, yet still enjoyed the meal. I found it to be right on with its Korean taste. Actually, I felt that this was one of the best japchaes I have ever had.

The spicy factor wasn't too bad and stayed on scale with mild. I just warned everyone that if the dish is red that means it's hot.

Even the young ones liked their meal, but found the concept of sharing odd. They remarked how they still felt hungry afterwards.

All in all, it was worth the price to share this daily experience that I have in Korea with my family. I know the place was expensive so I have doubts they will return there. Yet, perhaps they will find a cheaper Korean joint to go to.

Certainly I had a good time being in a Korean restaurant in America and feeling some nostalgia towards my foreign home. Next time when I go back to the states it will be fun to try out more Korean restaurants.


    Thanx Joy....really nice fotos of a wonderful visit that went by way too fast! Here's to more days on the beach.
    Miss U!
    xxxx oooo

  2. That's the sad part about eating Korean at home. It's soooo expencive. I also usually find that it's just not as good either, maybe they can't get all the right ingredients or they try to westernize it a little, I'm not sure. I got a little pitcher of soju cocktail at a restaurant for nearly $20 and we got some tufu kimchi as anju for about $12... soooo expencive!!!

  3. LOL... way to evangelize the food, sister!

    And.. man.. those blue skies.. make me homesick!


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