Monday, August 9, 2010

Return to the Atlantic

Growing up in Florida it was natural to take a trip to the beach nearly every weekend. I was familiar with the salty water and the tan sand under my feet. Ever since I moved from Florida to California I cannot recall the last time I swam in the Atlantic.

Thankfully, on this visit, I did just that and with my mom and nephews. We went to Delray Beach which is in the Ft. Lauderdale area. This was after lunch at the Seawatch, as I showed you in a previous post. We arrived at around 4:30 pm, which my mom believes is the best time to go.
If you have ever been to a beach on the East side of Florida than this sight might be familiar to you. It is like the initiation gate that one goes through when walking to the shoreline. You first walk through a shady patch of sand next to some natural Florida foliage and then you are out walking under the hot sun and feeling the burning sand under your feet. But of course your wearing sandals, right?

I would bet all Floridians are good at the routine of setting up their beach chairs and getting into the water. We did just that and everyone else got in before me as I put on my sunscreen.
It was a perfect day at the beach. Clear blue skies with small patches of clouds and crystal clear water.
When I went in the water it felt like such a wholesome moment. Imagine someplace you have been in your life that you haven't been to in a very long time. Now see yourself going there and enjoying it. That was this kind of moment. I couldn't stop smiling.
As I swam around a small school of fish followed my feet and nibbled at them. I played in the water for a while enjoying the smells and sights of it all. Even now I wish I had stayed in longer.
For those of you wondering why it looks like I am wearing a dress to the beach, let me explain. I needed a new bathing suit before going on my vacation. But, alas, Korean sizes didn't really fit me. I went shopping for one at my local supermarket (Lotte Mart) and was told, "No, no, you are size 3XL...we don't have." I tried on a few of their "XL" and sure enough it was like being squeezed into a tube. My saving grace was Gmarket where I managed to find my size (3XL). I actually like that it covers up my thighs. Also the bottom part is attached to the whole thing so you don't feel any squish in your tummy.

Let's move on.
We enjoyed ourselves on the beach having drinks and snacks.
But like all things it was time to pack up and leave. The sun was heading down and the wind was picking up. It really felt wonderful to swim back in the Atlantic and share that with my mom and nephews.
Till next time!

Enjoy the following video I made of my Florida trip with sneak peek scenery of my time in California.

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