Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chatjip: Zenkimchi Gets an Upgrade

I don't know what website you have been using to keep up on expat life and what to do in Korea but for me it has always been Zenkimchi.

Over the course of my life here in South Korea I have gottten to know the creator of Zenkimchi and his friends. They have been great moral support in the tough times and also reliable voices for the expat community.

Now they have upgraded Zenkimchi to a more extensive and useful website: Chatjip or The Teahouse.
There you can get connected to other bloggers and expats or just read about a great restaurant to go to in an area of interest.

The forum is fresh and clean waiting for people to chime in with experiences and stories. I am a moderator on the forum and look forward to keeping that space free of the kind of junk you see on Dave's ESL Cafe.

This website is also a tool in the kit that we hope to use as a way to form a more unified expat community. I hope you take a look and enjoy what you see.


  1. Wow, I found a referral through this "chatjip" today and I had no idea what it was! Cool!

  2. I'm digging the design. Very fresh and clean look to it, easy to navigate.


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