Saturday, November 14, 2009

2S2 November Wrap Up

Let's just put aside the whole mission to form a community thing for a while. Because today's event was a lot of fun but also more about digesting life in Korea and getting to know people better.

A lot of Kbloggers showed up along with a few non bloggers but fans. Another great aspect was that a representative from the Seoul Global Center was there. She was interested in finding a way to merge the Kblogging world with the Seoul Global Center. So our initial discussion centered around this.

Basically we were talking about finding a way to get more people using the Seoul Global Center and also let it become one of the main resources for foreigners. They give free legal advice and also hold workshops where you can learn about many aspects of living in South Korea.

We talked about social and community issues but the fun really got started when Roboseyo brought out the GoStop deck and pages of instructions.
I have never played this game but it wasn't the first time I had heard of it. Generally I am not much of a card game player. For instance my mind gets really boggled playing poker. Rob was kind enough to explain to us the general way to play the game and then helped some of us play. It looks like a lot of fun and it seems you can really get into strategy with this game. I think I was kind of distracted by the card's cute shape and pictures.
This 2S2 event was definitely bigger than last week's. But still it was the same crowd of our blogger circle with the addition of just a few new people. Please don't be shy to come out next month or suggest a group meet up in your neighborhood. I am considering starting a group in Bundang when I get settled down there. For now maybe it's time I brush up on my GoStop skills. ;)


  1. Please do start a Bundang group. I will let my Bundang friends know about it... I'm in Hwaseong, so might go to the Seoul meeting rather than Bundang.

    This is a great idea... don't give up on it!

  2. A bundang group will be great. Just need to get my feet planted here first. Any ideas on what to do out here... must be a lot of hiking...and interesting places to see. ^^

  3. I'd like to come out sometime. It's important to come together and help each other. This is especially true with all the negative sentiment that's going around the republic with regards to English teachers. I also agree that it's best to keep it away from the bar scene for now.

    WHat I don't agree with is learning how to play gostop... That's as cheesy as learning how to make kimchi and sounds a bit too much like arse kissing Korean culture to me. Aren't we coming together to celebrate our own cultures. What with the Korean singular narrow-minded perception of "the foreigner" it's sounds like they need a lesson in our culture more than we need a lesson in theirs. Afterall we live here and are learning about it anyway.

    I think this idea would be way more attractive to the foreign community if we had cultural theme days. For example we could choose to celebrate a different culture every meeting. This may entail fashion, music, food etc. Just a suggestion

  4. Lifer11... your ideas our great and should be added to the pool. We played GoStop to learn the game, and it was suggested to bring other games. So you can bring a game you like from your culture if ya like. But I like culture theme days. ;)


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