Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quieter Closet

There are many things one has to battle with on a daily basis living in Korea. For instance, if you don't know the language then that means you can't really speak to the people around you. Other occurrences are the lack of trash receptacles along the street or that people still smoke indoors in this country.

I don't know about the rest of the expat population here but for me some days these aspects of life really get to me and other days I just look past it all.

Whenever you move into a new place in this country it seems there is a list of things that is bothersome, which you have no control over. At my last place it was the Octopus restaurant underneath me that had fowl smells wafting up into my room. And now at the goshiwon it has been that I was positioned close to a main road, which meant the constant hum and buzz of cars going past. Along with this the window faced the alleyway where the buildings vents are located. Therefore I heard the humming sound of the vents and on occasion getting a whiff of what was coming out.

That is why I am grateful now that I managed to move rooms to a more quieter space in the Goshiwon. How I managed this seems like it was a miracle but took the finessing skills that I think is picked up after living here for a while.

I met another tenant here while I was in the kitchen last week. She spoke English and asked about my residency. She was an older woman staying in the goshiwon to help her daughter who lives nearby as she studies for a college entrance exam. That was a brief meeting until today when I ran into her again.

I was doing my laundry and had run into some trouble with the machine. It had finished washing but my clothes were still dripping wet. I had seen her in the kitchen on my way to the laundry room and figured I could ask her for help. She did just that and we started up a conversation in the meantime while my clothes took another spin in the washer. It turned out she knew the owners of the goshiwon as close friends and I took this as an opportunity to talk about how I want to change rooms. But I did it with great finesse!
Me: Oh, I like living in this goshiwon.
Nice Ahjumma: Ah yes, I know the owners they are friends of my daughter.
Me: Ah that is nice. Hmm I like living here but my room is so noisy. Unfortunately I am next to the big road.
NA: Oh really?! Well I know there are open rooms over here. (Near the laundry room side...which is in the back of the building).
Me: Oh yes, I was thinking of asking my boyfriend to ask the Ahjusshi if I can move rooms. But I think he might say no.
NA: Oh I will talk to him and I think there will not be a problem.
Me: Oh really? Thank you so much.

There you have it, for that is how I managed to get into the quieter side of the building. Sure the room is still small and everything but I think I will sleep better.

Nothing comes for free, you know, so in exchange for her helping me out she mentioned how her daughter will need tutoring next year as she starts University. I gladly exchanged contact information and so will work on that.

I made a little video of my new room. Why? Oh what the heck right?

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