Sunday, November 29, 2009

Osaka: Arrival More

Despite the snail pace of uploading pictures I am going to attempt to show the temple I found yesterday near Dotonbori street.
Hozen-ji Temple:
It was a very peaceful moment when I found this place. Tucked away near an alley it felt like a whole other realm. People were lined up to give prayer to the statue:
moss-covered Fudo-myo statue, known as Mizukake Fudo.
Once again these aren't all the pictures but only the ones I have time enough to put up. I think I figured out how to speed things up with the server but we will see.

I'm off to Nara for site seeing and rain is in the forecast but I brought my umbrella and I think I'll be okay. Toodles~


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  2. haha i waited to read all your blogs about japan (at least so far! haha)! Im so jealous! everything looks so cool! love the fall colors! ^^ everything looks so amazing!! hope you have a safe trip back tomorrow!!!! ^^ good night!!


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