Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bokjeong Station Area

Last week, while I was staying in Bundang, I had some free time and decided to look around the area. Since I will be moving to Suji, which is just a tad south from Bundang, I figured why not check out what will be in my new neighborhood.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. After walking past the Bokjeong subway station and down a few streets I came upon a very new section. There were apartment and officetel buildings clustered next to each other and then I saw this street that was lined with trees.
I felt as if I had stepped out of Korea and onto a fancy strip in Laguna Beach or New York City. Why? Well take for example the major lack of tacky billboard signs plastered to the sides of the buildings. Add in that most store fronts weren't blasting out the same Kpop tunes at decibels so loud China could hear it. Not to mention the cafes with cute porch fronts and boutique shops, all added to a much more pleasant atmosphere.

There were plenty of enticing looking restaurants, which of course I can imagine are a bit expensive. But I think on a special occasion it would be nice for JH and I to come out here. There were also a good representation of sandwich shops and bakeries.

One cool place I walked past was "Goodovening Cupcake". Looking inside all they seemed to sell were cupcakes from a little display case. I don't know the last time I had a cupcake so I decided to take one home.
I chose the "Apply Cinnamon" flavor and let me tell you it was very scrumptious!
The icing was flavored with cinnamon and the cake part was flavored like an apple pie. I hope this is a sign that Korea is taking on cupcakes as the next fad dessert like waffles have been for a while now.

It was nice to check out this place and I think in the future I would like to come back and just chill out at one of the cafes.

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