Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photo Assignment: Special

As you may know the website Chatjip is starting to take off and get some following. Within the forum section a "jjustind" recommended doing a photo assignment as a way to represent life in Korea in a visual format. I chimed in with making the theme based upon a generated word.

So for the current theme he came up with "special". I would like to share my response for you here. I wasn't sure if we were suppose to go out and shoot new pictures or use ones from our collection. So I did the second part and used ones from collection.

The first picture here encapsulates special for me because this was my view from my first place in Korea. It was taken when I was first here in Korea. Therefore it is special to me because it reminds me of the feeling one has when they are first here. Overtime the image of large apartment buildings is still a reminder of my foreign presence here.

The following picture was selected as #2 because it represents a time in Korea when I felt independent and awakened. It was the trip I took with Jennifer to Myeongkyung Tea Bowl Festival. This was the time when my ex boyfriend left me and I was starting to figure out my truer purpose in Korea. At the festival we met these lively folks and I had a fun time of course. For this picture is "special" because of the moment in time it captured and how it shows if you get out there you can find great people and places.

For my #3 picture and final one I would like to show this one from the 2S2 meeting. This is "special" because it represents the fragility of forming a community and keeping good friends. The idea to form a large enough community to make a positive impact on Korean society is a big dream and I think the people who support it should be considered "special".

So you guys why not head over to Chatjip and submit your own "special" photos for the assignment. It would be great to see what others find as "special".

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  1. Thanks for the info. I enjoyed reading about your photos. What's the guy doing with the cards in #3?


    - ab


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