Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Children's Grand Park

Last Sunday JH and I went to the Children's Grand Park (어린이대공원) since it is in the Goshiwon's neighborhood. It was my first time going and I have to say it was really pleasant to step out of the grayness of city life and into the greenery of a park.
This is the entrance area to the park and it has free admission.

Look at all those fall colors! I love summer and spring and I guess I now have an affinity towards Fall as the colors and cool air does feel nice. However I am still at odds with winter.
As you advance further up you come upon a humongous fountain that does some fanciful aerobatics to music.
All around are trees and sounds of nature.

Further in we stopped at a mini-mart to get something to drink. I spotted these sodas inside and thought their design to be colorful.

What would a park meant for children be complete without some playgrounds? I sneaked on to this swing and JH took my picture. The seat was pretty low to the ground so I couldn't really swing that much.

Walking further into the park you come to the fairground and amusement park area. Here there were roller coaster rides and other spinning gizmos.

The overall feel of this part of the park was old and outdated. It seemed I had stepped back in time to the 70's or 80's. Surely I could tell most of the rides had been there forever and made me wonder how safe they were.

There were prize winning games where you could pay a little fee and try to win a prize.
This one game had you shoot balls down the alley and if they landed in holes then you got some points. Here some guy is doing a pretty good job.
I convinced JH to give it a go despite that he said he doesn't have any "pocket ball" experience. Which by looking at his stance and hand posture I can tell he must of played the game a few times in his life. We tried to win enough points to get a prize but alas failed.
Around this area were some large fuzzy toy animals. Kids could put in a few coins and then it became alive. It was a little surreal to see them move around and come to life.

We spotted one ride that we wanted to try out and so bought a ticket. Apparently it was like a mini roller coaster or train track set up above ground. You got on a bicycle like apparatus and peddled yourself around the track.

The funny part is that once we were up there and peddling around on this thing it seemed very dangerous. Provided with just a seat belt and no helmet I could imagine this ride getting banned in the US for safety issues. Plus the thing shacked and shimmied whenever we went over a bend.

Nevertheless, it was fun and of course thrilling.

The Children's Grand Park was a great way to rest one's weary city body. Later on we went shopping at Emart and then had dinner. Below you will see some of the best pasta I have had so far in Korea. It was a spinach linguine with vegetables dish. I had it at the department store area near the Konkuk station. It was in a restaurant titled "Pompodoro". Good stuff!
Having no work has been nice but I haven't really done anything extravagant yet. The weather was chilly the past few days so I didn't really go out exploring and instead went to COEX and hung out at JH's office. Also I may have to help out a friend here in some emergency trouble she is in, so my days may get busier again. What I do need to do is start planning my visa run to Osaka, where I would like to spend a few days as a tourist. So I need to get out and buy a good tourist book on the place.


  1. Woooh I see Doraemon, Hello Kitty, and Keroppi~!! Tropicana sparkling? do we have that in the States? I've never seen one.


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